Beginning Tuesday, July 13, the Owen County Public library will be hosting a `Tai Chi class, taught by Linda Gast. Classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday morning, beginning Tuesday, July 13 at 10 am in the library Community Room.
Instructor, Linda Gast requests that only individuals who have been vaccinated for Covid sign up at this time.
Linda teaches Healing Hands, or Classic `Tai Chi, which can be helpful for improving coordination, balance, stretching, memory, and can be helpful in relieving pain for those with fibromyalgia, and Parkinson’s. It reportedly helps lower blood pressure and can improve breathing problems. It is not being taught as a martial art.
After five years of studying `Tai Chi, Linda has been certified in classic `Tai Chi for 13 years. She is also a certified Silver Sneakers instructor in Muscle Strength Range of Motion and Cardio.
She recommends that participants wear soft, loose clothing, and be prepared to practice barefoot or in stocking feet. She can only take 13-15 vaccinated students at once, so we ask that you pre-register by phone or at the Library circulation desk.