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online databases with your library card


Databases curated by our librarians and accessible with your free library card. In fact, some might not even require that. Learn something new, or add another source to your personal knowledge library.

Auto repair sources, world book online, geneology resources and more.

Knowledge is power! Power=Work/Time…time is a flat circle….you get it.

Genealogy Department

Heritage Quest-Online family history search database

Build or Improve a Resume

Use Cypress Resume Builder to improve your resume or create one for the first time.

Employment Services from Resume Builder

Employment Services for people experiencing homelessness

Reference Department

Encyclopedias and Reference Material

Turns out that Wikipedia is far from the only online encyclopedia, Check out the online databases below for extremely high quality information about just about everything.

A to Z Maps

An enormous collection of royalty free maps, topographical, election and more. Did I mention royalty free?

A to Z The World

Learn all there is to know about almost any country in the world from languages to culture to business practices and more.

A to Z USA

Information and facts about the USA broken down by each individual state.


A collection of information about regional and state specific food including recipes.


A database for databases. Look up people, businesses, jobs and so much more.

Salem Press

High quality peer reviewed informational content encyclopedia.

Global Road Warrior

Made up of over 1200 writers, photographers and travelers, this aims to be a database about everywhere in the world and everthing you need to know about it.

Reference Department

How-To and DIY Information

Whether you are fixing a car, a small engine, a boat or your house, the information below can help. Also includes a ton of info about maker-related hobbies.

Reference Department

Online Libraries

We’d love you to visit us n person or even check out an ebook or audiobook from our Overdrive/Libby Collection but there are also several places online to access free library books and other related content.

Open Library

Read free library books online and keep track of your favorite books.


Download and listen to thousands of free audiobooks or lend your voice to the cause and narrate an audiobook of your own.

World Book Online

An engaging, verified, and trustworthy digital resource for grades pre-K through high school.

Tumble Books

Free online children’s books, comics and more.

TOns more at Inspire

INSPIRE is Indiana’s Virtual Online Library.

INSPIRE is a collection of online academic databases and other information resources that can be accessed by all Indiana residents.


  • Academic Search Premier
  • Biography in Context
  • Medline
  • Testing & Education Reference Center
  • Hobbies and Crafts
  • Home Improvement Reference Center

Educational Info

Information about post-high school education and skill upgrades.