As you know, the library is no longer charging over-due fees for items that are returned late to us.  We do, however have to charge a replacement cost for materials that are not returned at all.  So the time has come, that we have sent out notices to patrons who still have not turned in library materials that were checked out  when we closed the library back in March.  Although the library has been closed, our drop box is available for use.  You can return items any time of the day or night at the drop box on the front of the building.  If you’ve been waiting to come in to return materials when you pick out new ones, please call and make an appointment to do so soon.

We mailed out an unusually high number of overdue notices this week (168) regarding materials that have not been turned in.   Of course, we understand; these have been unusual times.  We know it can be easy to forget that you have an item during such an unusually long amount of time, but please, help us out.  If you receive a notice, look for the item and bring it in.

We will soon be making phone calls to patrons who do not return materials or respond to the notices.  In August a separate collection agency will once again take over the task of collections.

If you receive a notice regarding materials that you believe your child left at school, please give us a call so that we can continue to renew those materials until school starts and the books are all found and returned.

Please note that, as a safety precaution we do leave returned materials untouched for three days before cleaning the covers, checking them in and returning them to the shelves, so please bear in mind that we will not know you have returned an item for three days after you turn it in.  If we call you before three days have passed since you returned your checked out materials, do just let us know when you returned your items.

Thank you in advance for returning your checked out materials.  We would rather have the items back than collect a replacement fee, as other people may be waiting for items that are still checked out.