Introducing “Readers Recycle,” a youth-focused recycling program by the Owen County Public Library!

Owen County youth are collecting clean plastic caps & lids for an upcycling project called the ABC Promise Partnership.
We need YOU to help! Please donate and share this information so that library youth meet their collection goal and get their upcycled picnic table!

**Cap collecting starts FEBRUARY 1ST! Both the Adult and Youth Services Circulation Desks will be collecting donations!**

Donated caps & lids MUST be clean and dry when donated. Here is a list of accepted plastic caps & lids:

Accepted Plastic Caps: #2, #4, #5, INCLUDING

Medicine Bottle Caps (info packet removed)          Milk Jug/Creamer Caps          Detergent Caps          Hairspray Caps          Toothpaste Caps          Deodorant Caps

Applesauce Pouch Caps          Drink Bottle Caps (bottled soda, water, juice, sports drinks)          Flip-top & Spout Caps (ketchup, mustard)          Spray Paint Caps          Ointment Tube Caps

Baby Food Caps          Shampoo/Conditioner Caps

Accepted Plastic Lids: #2, #4, #5, INCLUDING

Cottage Cheese Lids          Yogurt Lids          Cool Whip Lids          Pringle Can Lids          Mayonnaise Jar Lids          Coffee Can Lids          Peanut Butter Lids          Butter Lids

Cream Cheese Container Lids          Spice Lids          Ice Cream Bucket Lids (*under* 8 inches in diameter)