According to the Governor’s Directive, at this time, the Library will reopen on Tuesday, April 7, at 9 AM.  

But as you know, everything is subject to change in these times.  If this period of closure is extended by the State or by the Library Board, we will make that announcement as needed. 

In the meantime, the library staff has not been idle.  The library has been cleaned and disinfected from top to bottom. Items that have been returned through the drop box have been checked in, cleaned, disinfected and returned to the shelves, ready for our patrons’ return.   All other checkouts have been renewed for you so that you can continue to enjoy them, and so that your account shows no over-dues that would keep you from  using all our online offerings.   

Remember that we do have many services offered on our .  By clicking on “Helpful Reference Sites”, you will find several databases that could be especially helpful now as children are being temporarily home-schooled, or would just be interesting to peruse now that most of us have some extra time on our hands. 

Global Road Warrior is packed with information about the countries of the world, their culture, history, language, educational structure and more.  A to Z maps and the World Book Encyclopedia site can offer more helpful information.  A to Z Food America may help with coming up with new recipes for whatever you have on hand in your kitchen.  Inspire is a database provided by the Indiana State Library that contains free links to Rosetta Stone, Consumer Reports, Health and Medicine, SAT, ACT, and other test preparations, Current Newspapers online and much more.   

Also, many of you are familiar with RB Digital and Overdrive:  a free site that allows you to download electronic books, movies, music, and magazines.  

We still have a box containing tax forms outside the building, and have also added a Little Free Library, in which we have placed carefully packaged books.  Please take all precautions such as disposing of the bags when you take them home and washing hands.   

The free tax service will resume soon after the library reopens.  If you had an appointment, we will be reaching out to you to reschedule.  Remember that the due date for taxes has been extended. 

This is a time of worry.   We have loved ones who are especially susceptible to the virus, we have friends and family who work on the front lines of the health industry and other essential services, and some of us know someone who has the virus, and we know how alone and frightened they are as they fight the disease.   

But even while the virus looms, a frightening possibility, a rare and precious opportunity is an unexpected result of these times.  We have the unique opportunity to slow our lives down, enjoy being at home with our children, to talk more with family and friends by phone, text, Facetime, etc.; to enjoy our own company, or to complete those aroundthehouse tasks we never have time for.  We have more time to create, to read, to think and meditate, to enjoy a walk or sit outside in the sun.  I love hearing all the fun and creative ways parents are spending this time with their children, the way families are connecting, and showing their love and concern for each other.  On Facebook I’ve seen pictures of meals that took more time to prepare than most of us usually have.  I’ve seen quilts and crafts, and poetry.  I’ve seen homemade games, humorous posts, and recommendations for books, movies, and posts containing beautiful music, some of it professionally created, others homemade.       

We hope and pray that everyone is taking all safety precautions, that you all stay well and healthy, and that the danger is soon over. 

We look forward to opening our doors and seeing you all again.